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Serenas was founded so that girls and women can be free to make their own choices and dream without limits, exercising their rights to dignity, respect, and equality in a world without discrimination.

Why do we need
to fight for girls
and women’s rights?

Education, research, and
public policy to end violence
against girls and women and
guarantee their rights.

It is necessary to work on the roots
of violence, through education, so
that these barriers cease to exist and
girls can pursue their dreams.

Amanda Sadalla Co-founder at Serenas

One in every five female school students between the ages of 13 and 17 has already been sexually assaulted. We want to transform this scenario.

We are working toward the goal of having 3 out of every 5 students, including boys and girls, as well as public agents, educated in gender equality by 2030.


THOUSAND students, public workers and non-government managers were benefitted in 8 months


MILLION students and public workers from the São Paulo State Education System will be reached by December 2022