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Our work

By combining research, training and collaborative
policymaking, we work to address sexual and intimate
partner violence and ensure that girls and women
have access to their sexual and reproductive rights.

Our work is committed to adolescents and youths,
both girls and boys, as well as government officers
and non-governmental organizations.

How we work

Education and prevention

Education and prevention are at the heart of everything Serenas produces. We believe that training and dialoguing with children, adolescents and young people is the key to prevent, identify, and tackle cases of violence.

Our educational programs seek to: (i) promote safe spaces for exchanges between young people and (ii) introduce tools, content, and knowledge so that they become agents of change. We work so that adolescents and young people multiply the knowledge acquired, taking information to their territories, influencing public policies, and seeking to interrupt cycles of discrimination and gender violence that last for generations.

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Awareness and training

Ensuring the rights of girls and women requires that public agents and civil society have the skills and empathy to assist survivors of violence and disseminate accurate knowledge in a welcoming and accessible way.

Therefore, we have developed a methodology to raise awareness and train public agents, NGO leaders, education professionals, and other members of civil society. Our training follows 4 principles: (i) awareness; (ii) reflection; (iii) evidence; (iv) engagement.

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Programs and public policies

We support governmental and non-governmental organizations to identify the main gaps in facing public management challenges. We also cooperate with processes of development and implementation of services and public policies.

We do this through collaborative design processes that allow the participation of the multiple actors involved, considering the needs of each territory – especially of girls and women – and driving the search for creative, humanized, and replicable solutions.

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Evidence and innovation-based research

The collection and availability of data to measure the real size of rights violations against girls and women is still very incipient in Brazil, and public policies aimed at this subject have been constructed over this superficial evidence.

We understand that guaranteeing the rights of girls and women requires qualified public policies, based on technical and scientific knowledge. Therefore, to support decision-making in public management and social investments, we collect, systematize, and analyze data and good practices.

We also believe that all forms of knowledge must be accessible, so we adapt research and scientific findings into teaching materials and communication campaigns that can be used in the daily lives of educators, public agents and civil society.

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It is through the practice of advocacy that we influence Brazilian politics and culture to end gender violence and guarantee sexual and reproductive rights for all.

Therefore, we have developed communication campaigns to raise awareness of the current situation of girls and women’s rights and the importance of reversing this scenario in today’s society. At the same time, we recognize and share good practices to inspire and motivate other members of civil society.

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