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Our work

By combining research, training and collaborative
policymaking, we work to address sexual and intimate
partner violence and ensure that girls and women
have access to their sexual and reproductive rights.

How we work

Education to prevent violence

Programs with Education Departments for the development of anti-sexist and health relationship educational policies aimed at preventing gender based violence.

Education and prevention are at the core of everything Serenas produces. We believe that training and advising education professionals are key elements in preventing, identifying, and addressing cases of violence.

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Survivor-centered response trainings

Training of public agents focusing on institutional violence prevention and promoting a survivor-centred and effective approach.

Ensuring the rights of girls and women requires that public agents directly involved in the care of survivors of violence have specialized skills and competencies to provide welcoming and accessible assistance.

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Advocacy and knowledge production

It is through the practice of advocacy that we influence Brazilian politics and culture to end gender-based violence.

In our studies and daily interactions with the public sector and civil society, we are constantly learning. This knowledge informs our actions and projects, shared with the public in accessible formats.

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